Sudbury Publishing Group takes a consultative approach in helping aspiring authors assess their needs and get their work ‘out the door.’ This can be as simple as a preliminary conversation to clarify objectives, a high-level manuscript review to flag problematic areas, or as intense as copy editing and file preparation.

Many of these services, we provide ourselves, but others – where specialized tools, lengthy time commitments, or specific expertise are required – we outsource to professional associates.

SPG services include:

Acquisitions — seeking completed, unpublished manuscripts or self-published books that have not yet launched

Author Website — content development for your site and/or collaboration with web tech experts to execute it

Beta Reading — review of tight draft by objective individuals who are avid readers and often, educators

Copy Editing — scrutiny for grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Cover Design — handled directly or sourced to designers who specialize in book marketing

Development — high level review of early draft by developmental editor, focused on characters and story arc

Distribution — connection to digital distribution partners or direct help getting your ebook into online stores

Editing — thorough review of completed manuscript with commentary on plot, pacing, clarity, accuracy, authenticity, continuity and place

ISBNs & Bar Codes — acquired for you as needed for the book cover and copyright page

Manuscript preparation — pagination and styling

Marketing — consultation on strategy, tactics, timing and campaign ideas; collaboration with pros to implement

Photography — black & white or color; access to professional videographers

Production — files outsourced to vendors who specialize in multi-platform verification: PDF, Mobi, ePub

Proofreading — after edits are assimilated or after file prep, checking for word breaks, duplication, styling inconsistencies

Research — conducted by SPG if time allows or turned over to experienced collaborators

Tracking & Analytics — review of available tools, ways to assess and test

Tricks of the Trade — things that have worked for us that we are happy to share

Writing — Two flavors: (1) consultation on theme, voice, and message but you do the writing or (2) we generate content for you

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