Don’t Forget to Unlock Your Memory Bank


by Jill C. Baker

February 7, 2022 —  If you’re a writer looking for vivid details or a reader hoping to improve your experience, don’t forget to check your Memory Bank. Chances are, you already have a stash of shining gems that can be used for this purpose.

Author Jill C. Baker recently saw something interesting that triggered a memory. The event also made her realize that she was already building on this memory in her book, #SilverLine.

Enjoy some writing perspective and excerpts in her blog, “Between the Lines.”

Don’t Forget to Unlock Your Memory Bank – Jill C. Baker (

Author Interview Answers Questions from Aspiring Writers

February 2021 — SPG author, Jill C. Baker, decided to do something different. She interviewed herself in order to address the many questions she receives about the writing process and book publication. Seeing this as a resource for professionals, she posted it on Linked In, rather than on her own website.

Perhaps you will find it helpful.


Learning from Nature — a Lesson in Foreboding

Writers can learn a lot from their environment as long as they look, listen, and pay attention. Observation is critical in crafting the details that tell a story.

One of our authors, Jill C. Baker, recently blogged about a lesson she learned in foreboding, provided by an incoming storm. She captures the moments leading up to the first splats of rain, the wind, the dropping acorns, and bird feathers cast across the lawn — an ominous precursor of what is to come. Check it out here.

Baker Genealogy — New Non-Fiction Release

Diverging from the recent focus on fiction, SPG is pleased to announce a non-fiction title that is both personal and potentially helpful to genealogists — established or aspiring.

Nelson M. Baker, 19th Century Genealogist, A Family Album is a careful compilation of mementos, photographs, and documentation about a line of Bakers who lived in upstate New York.  Editor Jonathan W. Baker, who descended from common ancestors, brings unique perspective to the work.

Here is the backstory as to how this compilation came to be:

Nelson M. Baker published the Genealogy of the Descendants of Edward Baker in 1867. To this day, that volume is the definitive genealogy for the descendants of Edward Baker. This volume is a group of Carte de Visite of Nelson M Baker and his siblings, his parents, his father’s siblings, and his grandmother on his father’s side. These images come from a satchel that was in the attic of the Baker homestead in Lafayette, N.Y. and were turned over, in the 1970s, to the local historian, J.Roy Dodge. He held onto the satchel waiting for any descendant to reach out to him. I connected with Mr. Dodge accidentally, by calling the Lafayette Public Library and was put in touch with Mr. Dodge, who graciously allowed me to copy and publish this book.

The book is currently available as color paperback on Amazon. Other formats are in-production.

How to Follow a Lead

Sometimes people ask us where writers get their ideas and how they develop them into plotlines. Aspiring authors wonder where to find interesting stories and characters who could come to life in their work.

SPG author, Jill C. Baker, stumbled upon a story in a story in a story, so fascinating, that it sent her on an exploration. This story covers centuries, decades, and recent days.

If you’re intrigued by history, coincidences, and bizarre connections, check it out.

She writes about it on her blog, Between the Lines, in a post called, “There’s Always More to the Story.


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