Meet us at the 2019 New England Authors Expo in Haverhill, MA

SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, June 29 — noon to 6 p.m.

This will be the first outing for Sudbury Publishing Group  and we’re excited to join a terrific roster of authors, publishers, and printers.

This year’s event will be held at Hartleb Technology Center on the Haverhill (MA) Campus of Northern Essex Community College. The event is free to the public and has expanded to include both indoor and outdoor display areas.

We don’t know our booth number or exact location yet, but look for the glowing lantern and you’ll find us. Since lanterns appear in both Tory Roof and Silver Line, we thought that would be a fitting symbol to spotlight our space.


Sudbury Publishing Group is a small company catering to those interested in self-publishing for personal or public enjoyment. SPG specializes in eclectic subjects, family histories, photography compendiums, and now, trade books.

Using a consultative approach to help new authors find their voice, SPG offers:

  • Industry experience in traditional print and new digital channels
  • Direct services or collaboration with an expansive talent pool
  • High quality. Professional standards. Reasonable costs.

There’s no need to look like a novice even if you are one.



Featured Books


TORY ROOF is a woman’s story – an unexpected romance and account of bravery – that pits logic against longing. The story takes Sarah Sutherland from the safety of her contemporary New England home into the arms of a fiery Revolutionary War agitator. In the process, she discovers her own independence and why she was chosen to traverse time. The present-day plot unfolds throughout the course of a year and dovetails with actual events in 1765. In trying to reconcile the two, Sarah learns that people around her are not who they seem, and that greed can infiltrate even the noblest agendas.


SILVER LINE follows a casual college couple who discovers they can revert to their former, older selves living as a miner and dancehall girl in a bawdy 1860s Colorado town. Jared Sutherland (Sarah’s son) had repressed these precognitive skills, until Alexa insists they are a gift. He finally agrees to use them to help solve a modern museum heist—and to travel back in time, lured by the romance of their alter-egos and adventures in the untamed West. Together, the twosome discovers that clues to the present lie in the past as their innocent attraction matures into something more.


ABSENT invites the average man – or the woman who loves one – to embark on a quest for self-improvement. When Carter Sutherland (Sarah’s husband and think tank executive) meets the lovely Tracee Green, a synesthete who sees words as colors, little does he know she will take him on four sensory-rich journeys that alter his black-and-white world. Regressed through several personas, past and future, he gains emotional intelligence and personal insight that helps him at work. But he also stumbles into black-market dealings and a situation he can’t escape.

The author often wondered what it would be like to simply disappear and do something else — thus the motivation for the Sutherland Series

Binding It Together

Pamphlet about SPG available

For your convenience, Sudbury Publishing Group, has a pamphlet about SPG that you may print out. Click link to download. SPG two-sided handout FINAL  

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