Chill is in the air. A cup of tea and a good book beckon.

FALL is the season to savor Tory Roof, the first in our series of historical/time-travel fiction titles. The plot rolls out in the course of a year, aligned with true events that occurred in 1765.

The story begins on a golden autumn day in New England, when Sarah Sutherland is selling an old estate. This is not a ghost story nor is it full of heebie-jeebies, but rather, a tale of one woman’s pull into the past, her sense of duty and commitment, a personal conflict over love and self-worth, and a resolution that reveals deception with the finest psychological suspense.

If you’re curious about what sparked the idea for Tory Roof, check out this blog. The author shares early memories that set the story in motion. The Origins of Tory Roof – Jill C. Baker (

The book also includes an Afterword of attributions and source links, live in the ebook version. Paperback is available through Amazon, and ebooks are available on the most popular platforms.

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Here’s what readers are saying about Tory Roof:

Deborah Shepherd’s review on Goodreads.
Apr 16, 2022

“Unputdownable.” “It was amazing.”

“When real estate agent Sarah Sutherland opens the door to the 18th century house she’s showing, she has no idea she’s in for the adventure of a lifetime. Set in present day and pre-Revolutionary War New England, Tory Roof gives us a thrilling romance, a plot twist I never saw coming, and heroes and villains enough for two centuries. It is also impeccably researched and presents a welcome slant on the part women played in creating our country. For history buffs, fans of romance and of time travel, and anyone who loves an engaging tale, well told. I found Tory Roof unputdownable and have already ordered the next book in the series.”

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Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2021

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Jill C Baker is a


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TORY ROOF is a woman’s story – an unexpected romance and account of bravery – that pits logic against longing. The story takes Sarah Sutherland from the safety of her contemporary New England home into the arms of a fiery Revolutionary War agitator. In the process, she discovers her own independence and why she was chosen to traverse time. The present-day plot unfolds throughout the course of a year and dovetails with actual events in 1765. In trying to reconcile the two, Sarah learns that people around her are not who they seem, and that greed can infiltrate even the noblest agendas.


SILVER LINE follows a casual college couple who discovers they can revert to their former, older selves living as a miner and dancehall girl in a bawdy 1860s Colorado town. Jared Sutherland (Sarah’s son) had repressed these precognitive skills, until Alexa insists they are a gift. He finally agrees to use them to help solve a modern museum heist—and to travel back in time, lured by the romance of their alter-egos and adventures in the untamed West. Together, the twosome discovers that clues to the present lie in the past as their innocent attraction matures into something more.


ABSENT invites the average man – or the woman who loves one – to embark on a quest for self-improvement. When Carter Sutherland (Sarah’s husband and think tank executive) meets the lovely Tracee Green, a synesthete who sees words as colors, little does he know she will take him on four sensory-rich journeys that alter his black-and-white world. Regressed through several personas, past and future, he gains emotional intelligence and personal insight that helps him at work. But he also stumbles into black-market dealings and a situation he can’t escape.

The author often wondered what it would be like to simply disappear and do something else — thus the motivation for the Sutherland Series

Binding It Together

When imagination manifests in reality

March, 2022 This is a strange occurrence, but it’s happened twice, so author Jill C. Baker blogged about it on her site.  Her post is not about pulling energy from the universe to make something happen, but rather, envisioning something, then seeing it happen in real life.

Don’t Forget to Unlock Your Memory Bank

  by Jill C. Baker February 7, 2022 —  If you’re a writer looking for vivid details or a reader hoping to improve your experience, don’t forget to check your Memory Bank. Chances are, you already have a stash of shining gems that can be used for this purpose. Author Jill C. Baker recently saw something interesting that triggered a memory. The event also made her realize that she was already building on this memory in her book, #SilverLine. Enjoy some writing perspective and excerpts in her blog, “Between the Lines.” Don’t Forget to Unlock Your Memory Bank – Jill … Continue reading Don’t Forget to Unlock Your Memory Bank